DIY Glitter 101

Little GLITTER Girly Fun

July 8, 2014

In lieu of my upcoming little girl GLITTER session this weekend, I figured I would post a tutorial I found.  Not sure if you have looked at the price of glitter lately (expensive isn’t the right word for it), but to achieve a full fun glitter session there needs to be a bunch of glitter.  The glitter has to be falling from the skies, and stuck to just about everything.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to play in glitter for an afternoon.  Let’s be honest here, what little girl hasn’t dreamed about that?  I began my search online for the best tutorial on the best way to make glitter that would really pop for pictures.  I found the tutorial below, and it works great.  I used different acrylic paints, instead of food coloring since I wanted brighter colors.  For this session, I mainly needed silver so the acrylic paint worked just as well once it dried.  Try it out yourself HERE!